Powered Foundation Vent Accessories

Powered Foundation Vent Accessories

These accessories help optimize the performance of your powered foundation vents.

Controls Kit

Controls Kit includes Damp Weather Shutoff, Humidistat, Power Supply Unit and Control Cables. The Controls Kit is required on Series 5 and Series 6 Models and is sold separately.

Damp Weather Shutoff

The Thermostat is mounted near an intake vent opposite the side where the powered vent is mounted and is set at approximately 40°F, the thermostat turns the unit off when the crawlspace temperature drops below the setting. Normally, when the temperature outside is at 40°F, the temperature in the crawlspace is approximately 50°F. The thermostat helps protect pipes and save energy by turning the vent off when the temperature is close to freezing.

Damp Weather Humidistat

The Damp Weather Humidistat is in the same enclosure as the thermostat and mounted near an intake vent. Powered vents stay on when the humidity is below the setting. The vent shuts off when the outside humidity rises above the setting or if there is a quick rise in humidity, such as when it starts to rain.

Description Model
Thermostat/Humidistat w/built in plug DWS


The Humidistat turns the unit on when the humidity in the crawlspace rises above a pre-set limit, usually at 50% humidity.

Description Model
Humidistat LVHU

Power Supply Unit

The Power Supply Unit is UL listed and features a three-prong plug. It has 24VAC outputs to operate up to three Powered Vents and two additional receptacles to accommodate the Damp Weather Shutoff and the Humidistat.

Description Model
Power Supply Unit LVPW

Control Cables

There are two 25 foot Control Cables which are used to attach the Damp Weather Shutoff and the Humidistat to the Power Supply Unit.

Description Model
Control Cables LVCBL

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